History of Cryotherapy

Dr. Toshima Yamaguchi in Japan started using cryotherapy to help his patients with rheumatoid arthritis as far back as 1978. News of the therapy spread and quickly became popular with athletes, NFL and NBA. They used it to help lower inflammation and decrease pain, acutely and over time. Cryotherapy triggers anti-inflammatory  norepinephrine that release, this can reduce short term pain from injuries. It also makes intensive physical therapy more tolerable for chronic pain from conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, anxiety and depression.  


The cool thing about Cryotherapy is that is can decrease inflammation while simultaneously stressing your body enough to keep your cells on their toes. Low doses of psychical stress from a cold plunge can elicit an adaptive response and strengthen your immune system. 

 Cryotherapy took off from modest roots and seems to have developed into a cure-all treatment, with many claiming it can help with anything from muscle soreness, cellulite, and asthma to low libido, insomnia and anxiety.