Owners Testimonial

Cryotherapy has been a blessing for me and I have been reaping the positive affects for over five years and counting. 

I am 62 years young with MS (multiple sclerosis). My wellbeing is what motivates me. I have no symptoms of MS since Cryotherapy has been in my daily schedule. Only when I am working in extreme heat will my MS symptoms show up. 

Benefits I have experienced are; no inflammation, do not lose my balance, metabolism has returned to my college days, deeper sleep, more energy, and weight no longer fluctuates.

I am medication free and follow a clean diet along with daily Cryotherapy sessions. It has been 2 years since I had an MRI, I received a great report and was encouraged by the doctor to continue with whatever I was doing because the MS had not progressed. 

recommend Cryotherapy to anyone with arthritis, auto immune illness, slow metabolism, chronic pain, MS, recovering from surgery/injury, and athletes.

Cryotherapy sessions are only 3 minutes, 3 minutes is a small investment, if you are spending a day sore from a tough workout, or in pain from surgery, arthritis or chronic illness. Cryotherapy has been my holistic approach for my MS. If you need information please do the research. The benefits will amaze you. Opening Cryotherapy to make this amazing benefit affordable to the community has been a goal for me. It is my hearts desire that you will be blessed from experiencing the many benefits of Cryotherapy. Only you can make your health a priority. 


Best of health, Mimi